Vintage Radio Theater

Entertainment and news have changed over the years. After the “Village Crier,” movable print, the telegraph, and newspaper, radio became the standard by which Americans and most of the world received entertainment and information. As of 1934, 60 percent of all households in the United States had at least one radio. Those who did not would gather outside a radio store to listen to loudspeakers of a radio playing in the showroom window. Technology was evolving fast, and soon a form of television would debut.

Old Friends Radio has gathered Old Radio Shows from our own sources as well as, a wonderful website that has endeavored to archive the web. Here you will find entertainment, news, and soon, sports dated from 1930 to 1958. Rather than offer this material as a stream, it is set up so that one may listen at their leisure or download it for use later. This audio makes excellent teaching material for lesson plans that include the depression of the 1930s, World War Two, the Post War Years, and the 1950s.

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